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Operation Methods Of Wood Pellet Mill

1.Raw Material Requirement

The moisture content of raw material should be adjusted to 8-18%. Otherwise it will influence pellets quality and productivity. Moreover, the raw material of wood pellet mill should be mixed evenly to make sure the moisture content is the same.


2. Adjust The Clearance Between Roller And Die

The clearance between roller and flat die of wood pellet machine influences pellets quality. Generally, this interval is between 0.05-0.3mm. If the clearance is more than 0.3mm, the material layer will be too thick and distributed unevenly, which will decrease pellet productivity of fish feed machine. If the clearance is less than 0.05mm, both the roller and die will be seriously worn.
Method: Adjust the bolt by allen wrench.


3.The Choice Of Compression Ratio

The compression ratio means the ratio of die thickness and die hole diameter.
If compression ratio is smaller, the pellet productivity is higher, and the hardness will be low. If not, the productivity of feed pellet mill is low and density will be high. So proper compression ratio is best.


4. The Adjustment Of Pellet Length

By adjusting the pellet cutter length in small pellet mill outlet, the pellets length can be adjusted.


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