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Wood Pellet Mill Benefits

Wood Pellet Mill Introduction

As a kind of professional equipment for processing waste wood or sawdust, wood pellet mill can process eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruit tree, as well as crop waste. And wood pellet machine can produce renewable wood pellets with advantages fo high density, high heat value, low cost, easy to use, clean and convenient for transportation.


Social Benefits Of Wood Pellet Mill

1. In the view of energy security, renewable wood pellets energy can solve the problem of energy resource shortage.
2. From the point of environmental protection, wood pellets can improve the deteriorating ecological environment.
3. The fish feed machine utilizes renewable power sources in rural areas, increases income for rural residents, and makes contribution to rural economy.
4. The establishing of small pellet mill plant can expand employment and promote the continuous development of economic and society.


Economical Benefits Of Wood Pellet Mill

Flat die feed pellet mill is used for producing biofuel pellet fuel. It can efficiently solve the problem that coarse fiber biomass is hard to be pelletized. Main engine of this equipment adopts high efficiency gear or belt driven design.


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