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5 Ways To Judge Quality Of Wood Pellets Without Special Tools

Wood Pellet Machine Manufacturer Gives 5 Easy Ways To Judge Pellets Quality

Yuxi Machine will show you 5 easy ways to judge whether a wood pellet of wood pellet machine is good or bad withou using any special tools. With these steps, you don’t have to read hundreds of pages of wood pellet standard documents, and you even don’t need to use any special or professional equipment.


5 Ways To Judge Quality Of Wood Pellets Without Special Tools

1. Look
First of all, you can judge quality of wood pellets by its appearance. Good wood pellets produced by small wood pellet mill have something looks the same in common: Uniform length & Less fines.

The surface of good wood pellets should be smooth and shining and has no cracks when you touch and feel it. If it is not smooth and have high find content, you should check the compression ratio for feed pellet mill die. If cracks are all over the body, the reason is that the raw material has less water or the material is not well conditioned.

3. Smell
Quality wood pellets made by small pellet mill should smell as fresh wood flavor, and if the pellets smell is strange, one of the most possible reasons is that raw material is not pure, or binder is used in production.

4. Sink
Prepare one cup with water, and then put one wood pellet into the cup. Because objects with density higher than water will sink, don’t buy any wood pellets which can float.

5. Burn
Good quality pellets of fish feed machine are burnt easily as it contains pure sawdust. When burning, watch the color of the flame, the good pellets have flame in light yellow or brown color. But if the flame color is dark or strange, it means the pellets may contain binders or the raw material is not pure.


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