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Differences Between Small Feed And Wood Pellet Mill

Development And Features Of Feed Pellet Mill

The widely use of feed pellet mill began in the 90s of the last century in China when many feed manufacturers adopted it to make powdery feed raw material into pellets. The reasons are as follows. Firstly, pellets feed are convenient for storage or transport; Besides, the pellets shape are small and with certain hardness, which are easy for feeding and digest. And then there appeared a large number of fish feed machine manufacturers in China.


Development And Features Of Wood Pellet Mill

The latest type of small wood pellet mill (flat die) derived from feed pellet mill. Recently, with the global requires for environmental protection, people in different countries want to find new type of energy resources to replace coal or petrol. But there come many problems when finding new resources that have no good solutions. Therefore, the renewable biomass pellets with raw materials from wood or straws become one of the most popular types of new energy now.


Differences Between Small Feed And Wood Pellet Mill

The market requires for wood pellets and straw pellets are still excesses supplied, according to the current trend. In consequence, small wood pellet machine once again raised sales storm in pellet mill industry. However, to save money on researching and developing and gain more profits, many traditional feed pellet mill manufacturers began sell feed pellet mill as wood pellet mill to cheat customers.
But wood pellets are much lighter than feed pellets, so traditional small feed pellet mill is different to press wood pellets. And the feed pellet mill has high wear rate, and its service life is very short. In short, it brings great financial loss to customers.


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