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Announcements When Using Feed Pellet Mill

Feed Pellet Mill Application

Feed pellet mill is mainly used for small to medium-sized production of animal and poultry feed pellets, grain feed factory, farm, etc. Today Yuxi Machine will give you some announcements when using this euqipment.


Notes For Operation Of Feed Pellet Mill

● After installing the fish feed machine, check whether all the fastening pieces are tightly fastened. If any part is loose, tighten up it at once.

● Before starting the wood pellet machine, firstly twirl the rotor by hand to check if the hock and rotor can turn flexibly, making sure no crashes inside and the rotating direction is the same with required direction. Besides, ensure the electric motor and pellet mill are well lubricated.

● Do not replace the belt pulley randomly. Otherwise, too high rotation speed will cause explosion inside the hammer mill, and too low speed will also affect working efficiency.

● When crusing the raw material, firstly start the hammer mill and let it run without material for 2-3mins. You can feed the raw material if there is no abnormal phenomenon. And check the raw material carefully in case it mixes copper, iron, or stones which can damage the hammer mill.

● When operating the wood pellet mill, notice its running status. Operator must feed raw material evenly to avoid blockage, and never make the machine overload for a long time. If vibration, noise, overheat or spray material occur, stop the machine immediately to check if there are some problems.

● Besides, when feeding raw material manually into the small pellet mill, remember to stand at its side instead of front, which can prevent being hurt by rebound stuff.


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