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Daily Operation Safety Procedures For Wood Pellet Machine

How To Correctly Operate Wood Pellet Machine

● The size of raw material should be less than 2/3 of pellet die hole of wood pellet machine, so that it can penetrate the hole.
● The moisture content of raw material should be 15%-18%, which various according to material species and characteristics.
● It is suggested to add a magnetic separating device before pelletizing, which can prevent damaging feed pellet machine molds.


Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine Daily Operation Safety Procedures

1. Workers should wear tight labor suits, crash helmet and anti-dust mask. Do not open the cuffs wide, and do not wear gloves. When operating the fish feed machine, they must be fully concentrated.
2. Check oil levels of the gearbox, spindle bearing and roller bearing.
3. Know the working principle, structure and function of all parts in wood pellet mill well.
4. Before starting the machine, check if there are impurities inside it. If the screws are loose, adjust main shaft screw nut by a wrench and then lock it.
5. The electric motor must be started without any load for normal operation.
6. During operation, check and clear away metal scraps in the inlet of small pellet mill. If there are abnormal circumstances, stop the equipment immediately.


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