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Difference Between Flat Die And Ring Die Pellet Mill

Flat Die And Ring Die Pellet Mill

The feed pellet mill has main two types : flat die type and ring die type. But do you know what difference is there between them? And how do we choose when buying it?


Main Difference Between Flat Die And Ring Die Pellet Mill

Flat die wood pellet machine is easy to clean as it can be access to the pelleting chamber in a short time, saving a lot of time in changing the die or the roller if they are worn. The design of flat die pellet mill determines that it is more suitable for small scale pellet production plant, particularly for processing soft raw material.
Ring die fish feed machine will not cause uneven die and roller wearing, meaning that the cost in maintain and repair for roller and ring die is considered lower. Another outstanding advantage is that ring die pellet machine is more energy efficient.


Compare Flat Die And Ring Die Pellet Mill From 4 Details

1. Price. The price of ring die wood pellet mill is much higher than that of flat die type.
2. Feeding material way. Flat die pellet mill relies on material gravity entering into pressing chamber vertically. But ring die pellet mill uses curve feeding trough rolling compression feed, and high speed rotating into the compression bin.
3. Processing materials. Their processing materials are almost the same.
4. Capacity. The capacity of flat die small pellet machine ranges from 100KG/H to 2000KG/H. While ring die type pellet machine ranges from 800KG/H to 20ton/H.


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