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Features Of Wood Pellet Mill

Wood Pellet Mill Is The Most Important Component Of Pelletizing System

Wood pellet mill produced by Yuxi Machine is the most important component in the whole pelletizing production line. Besides, its operation can directly affect final product quality.


Features Of Wood Pellet Mill

1. Wood pellet machine has the features of compact structure, strong adaptability to raw material, small area covering and low noise.
2. There is no need to add liquid additive (or just small amount) to the wood powder for pellet making, in order to make the moisture content of wood pellets be lower than pelletized before (there will be water evaporation inside the feed pellet mill), so that they are easy for transportation or storage.
3. The pellets made by Yuxi fish feed machine have high hardness, smooth surface and not easy to break.
4. There are various choices for pellet size which is with diameter of 4, 6, 8, and 10 mm.
5. The small pellet mill can process different kinds of raw materials besides wood, such as straw, stalk, rice husk, peanut shell, bamboo, etc. The pelletizing of wood or stalk required higher pressure and many manufacturers can not realize. Yuxi Pellet Machine adopts high quality alloy steel to produce roller, making the roller can bear high hardness of raw material.

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