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How To Choose A Satisfactory Pellet Mill

How To Purchase a Satisfactory Pellet Mill At a Willing Price

When buying a pellet mill machine, the price is always the first factor to be considered about. As we all know, the price is proportional to the quality of the feed pellet mill. However, it don’t means that the more expensive the machine is, the more excellent the quality is. So that how to purchase a satisfactory fish feed machine at a willing price becomes the most basic concerns for the purchaser.


Difference Between Ring Die Pellet Mill And Flat Die Pellet Mill

There are two types of pellet mills, ring die pellet mill and flat die pellet mill. And the price of flat die pellet machine is far cheaper than that of the ring die pellet machine. For example, the flat die wood pellet machine is suitable for medium or small scale production, and its output is between 80-1000kg/h, with low energy consumption and greater mobility. But the ring die wood pellet mill is suitable for large scale production, and its outputs can reach 0.8-2t/h, with features of high capacity, easily forming pellets and better performance.


Quality And Power Resource Factors When Buying Pellet Mill

In order to gain a benefit for long, the small pellet mill must be durable. Otherwise, the subsequent cost of maintenance can be a burden for the user and its service life will be short.

The power resource is another a big problem when buying the pellet mill. If you live in the area which is easy to get diesel, a diesel pellet mil is a better choicel. But if you are not access to gasoline and buy a pellet mill power by gasoline, which will increases unnecessary cost.


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