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How To Make Pellets At Home By Pellet Mill?

Equipment Needed To Make Pellets At Home

In order to make pellets at home by using feed pellet mill, you need to prepare the following things, raw material, homemade pellet machine, other equipments like hammer mill, dryer, cooler, etc.


Steps To Make Pellets At Home

● Genellary, if the raw material of wood pellet machine is larger than 5mm, firstly it should be grinded by a hammer mill. After grinding, the diameter of raw material becomes 2-5mm. And there is no need to grind if the raw material is in such size.

● The raw material should be dried before grinding. Required moisture amount of raw material should be 8-18%, so we can use dryer to decrease raw material moisture content. After drying, the raw material can be conveyed into the homemade fish feed machine.

● The powdery raw material is pressed into dense pellets by wood pellet mill. You can choose different types of pellet mills for different raw materials. And you can also choose different power sources, such as electric motor, diesel engine, gasoline type, etc.

● The pellets need to be cooled for usage or storage after pelletizing. If you only need homemade small pellet mill with small capacity, there’s no need to buy pellet cooler. But if you require medium capacity, a pellet cooler may be needed.


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