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How To Make Wood Pellets?

Wood Pellets Making Process

Wood pellets are made from raw materials such as waste wood pieces, wood sawdust, tree branch, log, wood shaving and some other forms of wood by-product. The technical process is as follows.
Raw Material Collection → Crushing (Hammer Mill) → Drying (Dryer) → Pelletizing (Wood Pellet Machine) → Cooling And Sieving (Counterflow Cooler) → Packaging
As for small scale wood pellet production, the wood pellet sieving machine and packing machine are unnecessary.

Features Of Wood Pellets Made By Yuxi Wood Pellet Mill

● The wood pellet mill makes full use of waste materials sush as waste wood, and crop waste for instance corn stalk, peanut shell, etc. Therefore pellets fuel is renewable.

● The feed pellet mill pellets density is almost ten times of density of raw material, meaning that pellets are much more convenient for delivery and storage. The volume of wood pellets is 1/30~40 of raw material, but its specific gravity is 10-15 times of raw material.

● At the same time, combustion performance of pellets is greatly improved. The pellets made by fish feed machine heat value can reach 3400~6000kcal/kg, making it a solid fuel with high volatile phenol.

● As a kind of new type biofuel, the wood pellets produced by small  pellet machine can replace traditional fuel to be used for heating, home stoves, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, biomass power plants, etc.


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