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Judge Products Quality Of Feed Pellet Machine By Appearance

How To Judge Products Quatlity Of Feed Pellet Machine Without Tools

If you want to buy a feed pellet mill, you must want to know whether it can produce high quality feed pellets. With professional tools such as moisture meter, you may easily figure out the key factors affecting quality of small pellet mill. But if there are no tools, Yuxi Machine will teach you how to judge pellets quality.


Judge Products Quality Of Feed Pellet Machine By Appearance

The appearance of quatlity feed pellets have two important factors, uniform length and less fines.


Uniform length
For bulk wood pellets or bagged wood pellets, the length difference is very important. Moreover, uniform length reacts that the wood pellet mill performance is consistent and stable. If the length difference is very different, it’s likely caused by wrong setting of cutting knife of fish feed machine. Besides, the pellelt diameter is another important specification. But as the diameter is always the same, it can’t influence the pellet mill quality.


Less fines
It is a common sense that even the best quality pellets would have fines, which is inevitable. These fines are pretty tiny pieces of woody material, which are produced by pellets transportation. If the fines content is less than 1%, it’s acceptable. Otherwise, it may be caused by weak compression ratio of wood pellet machine dies.


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