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Maintenance For Pellet Machine

4 Tips For Pellet Mill Maintenance

Yuxi Pellet Machine gives 4 tips for the maintenance of wood pellet machine
1. Grind the pellet mill before using.
The die of the feed pellet mill is usually heat treated, and after a series procedures of planing, drilling, milling, hardening, etc. the inner holes or the surface of pellet die will have many burrs, which may probably affect pelletizing result and productivity. So, before we put the pellet mill into normal production, we must fully grind the pellet die.


2. Adjust raw material moisture content.
In order to ensure the quality of wood pellet mill and prolong its lifetime, it’s pretty important to adjust the moisture content of raw material. Commonly, the raw material moisture for small pellet mill should be 13-20%, but it is 14-25% for industrial pellet mill.


3. The necessary step before stopping the pellet mill.
After one day working, the fish feed machine is filled with the grinding material which is the mixture of raw material, waste engine oil, and sand. And then press for 1-2mins until all pellet die holes are filled with oily material.


4. Power and daily pellet mill maintenance.
The small pellet mill must be equipped with matched power, otherwise there will be many problems occur. And its maintenance should be conducted under power off condition. The pellet machine shall be put in proper working area, and prevented from water, electric leakage, fire. Besides, it should be checked frequently.


In conclusion, only under correct utilization and effective maintenance, functions of pellet machine can be fully exerted.


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