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Notes For Operation Of Wood Pellet Mill

Wood Pellet Mill Advantages

Wood pellet machine is with wide application, good raw material adaptability, easy operation, environmental-friendliness, etc. With awareness of environmental protection, more and more people buy wood pellet mills to make wood pellets. Yuxi Machine will give you notes for operation the equipment.


Notes For Operation Of Wood Pellet Mill

1.Users should equip different pellet mills in accordance with your own requirements, production task and technological process.

2. You’d better find good working environment and conditions for the feed pellet mill. For instance, necessary protection for install, anticorrosion, dampproof, warmth keeping and cooling devices. And measuring, controlling and safeguarding devices are also necessary.

3. Formulate the rules and regulations according to the characteristics and operation requirements of different fish feed machines. For example, Safe Operation Rules, System of Post Responsibility, etc.

4. Use qualified workers to operate the pellet machines and other equipments. New workers are not allowed to operate the equipment alone until they are trained and qualified.

5. If the small pellet mills needs to work for a long time, it had better be fixed on a cement base. If it is moved frequently, the pellet mill and electric motor should be installed on a machine base, which is made from angle iron.


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