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Small Pellet Mill Design

Small Pellet Mill Introduction

Small pellet mill is mainly used for home pellets making and small pellet plant. The small feed pellet mill is used for processing various kinds of solid grain into small feed pellets for animals, such as cattle, cow, chicken, rabbit, pig. And the small wood pellet mill can process the raw materials such as sawdust, straw powder, bamboo dust, grass powder, palm fiber, etc. into solid fuel.


Small Pellet Mill Advantages

The wood pellet machines have high density, and are easy and convenient for storage and transportation. Besides, with the advantages of energy-saving and pollution free, this kind of wood pellet machine is now welcomed by more and more people. And the design for small pellet mill will also be popular in different areas.


Small Pellet Mill Design For Different Purposes & Conditions

Firstly, there are 2 types of small wood pellet mill designs: D-type pellet mill (die-rotating) and R-type pellet mill (roller rotating) divided by working principles. With distinct rotating part, the small pellt mills can process different raw materials.

Moreover, there are 4 types of small fish feed machine designs according to the power source: electric pellet mill, diesel pellet mill, PTO pellet mill and gasoline pellet mill. As they are driven by different power sources, the small pellet mills can be used in many situations, which will be very convenient for the users.


Small Pellet Mill Manufacurer

Yuxi Machine is founded on decades of experience in designing and manufacturing small pellet mills and provides perfect after-sale service. Feel free to contact us!


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