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Test Method To Judge Pellets Quality Of Wood Pellet Machine

How To Judge The Quality Of Wood Pellets You Make

If you want to know the quality of the wood pellets made by wood pellet machine, it might be a little too obscure to judge from their size, uniformity, color and density. Here Yuxi Machien will tell you two easy and practical test methods to judge it.


Method 1: Put The Pellets In a Cup Of Water

Moisture content of quality wood pellets shall be lower than 10%, besides, the higher density an object has, the harder it is. So the easiest way to test wood pellets quality is that put the pellets produced by wood pellet mill in a cup of water. If they sink to the bottom, it proves their density is high enough, and they have suffered sufficient pressure in pellet forming process of feed pellet mill. However, if pellets float on the water surface, it proves their density is too low, and the quality is bad.


Method 2: Fill In The Vessel With Pellets And Weigh

Another method is to pick up a vessel that can contain at least 1L of water and fill in the vessel with pellets made by fish feed machine. Then minus the net weight of the vessel, and divide the weight of pellets with the weight of water. The value of quality pellets shall be 0.6-0.7kg/L, which is a very important parameter to judge the pressure in pelletizing process. Those ineligible pellets of small feed mill will get a value lower than 0.6, meaning that these pellets are easy to crack and generate powder.


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