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What Affects The Pellets Quality You Make?

What Affects The Pellets Quality You Make?

As increasing numbers of customers engage themselves in pellets making, the pellets quality made by small pellet mill becomes one of the most concerned questions. So what affects the pellets quality you make?


Factors That Affect Pellets Quality

1.Raw Material Features
Different raw materials have different features. For instance, wood is easy to be crushed into small particles but grass or straw is not, so that wood pellets made by wood pellet machine are always smoother than straw or grass pellets.

2.Raw material Particle Size
The particle size of raw material also affects pellets quality. If the raw material is not fully crushed, meaning that they are longer than required size, and the pellets are hard to be densely pelletized. So that the pellets are easy to break, and the quality is decreased. But if the raw material is crushed into required size, the feed pellet mill can produce much denser pellets, and the products quality is much better.

3.Die specifications
The die is the core part in a fish feed machine. Different parameters of the die may influence the quality of pellelts. In order to better understand how die specifications affect pellets quality, we need to know all the terms of die well.

4.Die speed
Actually, this item is not exact, because R-type pellet mills use the roller instead of the die to rotates. But we still can use “rotating speed” to express such item. The truth is that whether the rotating speed is too high or too low, the pellets quality or forming rate of the wood pellet machine will be affected.


Pellet Mill Manufacturer

There are also many different factors affectting the pellets quality you make, and they should be analyzed depending on specific situation. You can contact Yuxi Machine to get professional guidance on any problems regarding pellets making.

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