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Why Does Flat Die Pellet Mill Have Low Yield?

Flat Die Pellet Mill May Not Reach The Prospective Capacity

You may find that the flat die pellet mill you brought can not reach the prospective capacity. But the truth is that the productivity of flat die wood pellet machine is not only determined by its quality, there are also some other factors that cause the low yield.


Why Does Flat Die Pellet Mill Have Low Yield?

● The roller of feed pellet mill rotates heavily caused by ash inside it or lubricating oil loses efficacy. This phenomenon will cause the roller rotation speed unstable, and then affects the output. Thus users should check working conditions of the roller periodically to avoid such circumstance.

● Moisture content of the raw material is uneven. Generally, when raw material moisture content changes before compressed into pellets, wet material need to be heated in pelletizing chamber of wood pellet mill until the moistuer is evaporated, so there will be certain time for moisture evaporation. And befoer that, the pellets output is slow.

● The transmission parts of fish feed machine are wore seriously, which will cause uneven grain discharge speed. So in this condition, the transmission parts should be replaced.

● The material size. If the material size is not properly handled, it will greatly influence the material discharge speed.

● If the materials are uneven discharged at the conditioner discharge hole, which will cause fluctuations to the operating current for small pellet mill, leading uneven pellet discharge. Therefore, the users need to adjust the blades of conditioner.


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