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0.8-1t/h Feed Pellet Production Line

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0.8-1t/h Feed Pellet Production Line

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Introduction For 0.8-1t/h Feed Pellet Production Line

800-1000kg/h feed pellet production line is mainly aimed at household use and small-size feed pellet plants, because of its great convenience and cost-saving. This feed pellet plant can be used to make various kinds of livestock feed and aquatic feed is also suitable. And the raw materials can be corn, brown rice, paddy, sorghum, etc.


The Whole Processing Process Of 0.8-1t/h Feed Pellet Production Line

Crushing Process → Mixing Processing → Pelletizing Process
The whole production line is controlled by electric cabinet.


Major Equipment In 0.8-1t/h Feed Pellet Production Line

★ Feed Hammer mill
★ Double Paddle Feed Mixer
★ Cyclone Dust Collector
★ Ring Die Feed pellet mill
★ Storage bin
★ Electric cabinet


◆ Crushing process
During the whole process in making pellet, it is very necessary to crush the large-size raw materials into required size by the feed hammer mill.


◆ Mixing process
Double paddle feed mixer and hammer mill are linked by cyclone dust collector to collect the powder materials.


◆ Pelletizing process
Yuxi ring die feed pellet mill is mainly used for small to medium-sized production of animal and poultry feed pellets, grain feed factory, farm, etc., with high throughput, low consumption and mature technology.


After these processes, produced feed pellets can be stored in storage bin for your use at any time.

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