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We adopt the most advanced Italy technology, and the equipment can be customized.With different grabs, intelligent palletizing robot can be used for packing and stacking of finished products with different shapes in different industries.

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Provide Customized Production According To Customers’ Demand.The palletizing robot can flexibly deal with different stacking demands and non-standard stacking forms, designed according to users’ requirements.


Palletizing robots are widely used for palletizing bag, boxe and barrel products in the feed industry, fertilizer industry, flour industry, cement industry, beer industry, grain and oil industry, seasoning industry, daily chemical industry, etc.

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Pellet Making Machine Technical Advantage

Insist on technical innovation to meet market requirement of current scale, energy saving and environmental protection

  • 1 Sturcture

    This palletizing robot consists of two system: controller system and manipulator system, gripper can be customized to match different industries.

  • 2 Modularize Design

    Mechanical structure adopts modular design to improve the versatility of parts, easy maintenance, improve equipment machining accuracy.

  • 3Spare Parts

    As its structure is simple and the spare parts are few, the fault rate of spare parts is low, and the required stock spare parts are less.

  • 4Small Occupation

    The robot occupies less space, which is useful for the clients’ production line layout, and the warehouse space can also be increased.

  • 5 Strong Feasibility

    When the product size, volume, shape or the pallet dimension changes, you can revise it by touch screen without affecting the normal production.

  • 6 Energy Saving

    The driven power for mechanical palletizing machine is much higher that for palletizing robot, greatly reduce the operation cost.

Parameter Specification

Both of process design and late return, Yuxi Pellet Making Machine is your best choice!

Item Specification
YX-120 YX-200 YX-300
Controlled Axis 4 Ases (A.B.C.D)
Installation Floor Mount
Max.Load Capacity (including the grab) (kg) 120 200 300
Handing Capacity(kg) 1400 1600 1000
Motion Range A(left-right) 330° 330° 330°
B(up-down) 2000mm 2300mm 2300mm
C(front-back) 1300mm 1500mm 1500mm
D(grab) 330° 330° 330°
Drive Method Electric Servo Drive by AC Servo Motor
Positional Repeatability ±0.5mm
Power Consumption(kw) 4 9.6 11.5
Weight(kg) 750 1100 1500
Installation Condition Ambient Temperature -10 – 45°C
Ambient Humidity 85%RH

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