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Feed Pellet Production Line

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Feed Pellet Production Line Processing Flow

Raw Material → Feed Grinding → Feed Mixing → Feed Pelletizing → Pellet Cooling → Pellet Crushing → Screening & Grading → Pellet Packing


Equipment Related to Complete Feed Pellet Production Line

Feed Grinder →Feed Mixer → Feed Pellet Mill → Counterflow Cooler → Feed Pellets Crumbler → Feed Pellets Grading Sieve → Automatic Weighing and Packing Machine


◆Grinding Process
The feed hammer mill can grind the raw material ingredients to the required size, and the grind fitness is different of different grinders.


◆Mixing Process
Mixing is considered to be one of the essential operations in feed pellet plant. Improper mixing may reduce the uniformity of materials, which affetcs the feed pellet quality. Yuxi Machine provides the double paddle feed mixer, which is a kind of horizontal mixing device with high efficiency, high uniformity and intensity. It also can add needed liquids to improve the feed pellet quality.


◆Pelletizing Process
Feed pellet mill is the core equipment of the whole production line. There are mainly two kinds of feed pellet mills: ring die feed pellet mill and flat die feed pellet mill. If you want large capacity, the ring die feed pellet mill is the ideal choice. And if your demanded products quantity is small, flat die feed pellet mill is a better choice.


◆Cooling Process
The feed pellets after being pressed by the feed pellet mill are hot and moist, which can not be crushed, screened or packed immediately. Counterflow pellet cooler is used for cooling or drying the feed pellets, in order to decrease the temperature and moisture.


◆Crumbling Process
Different poultry and livestock feed pellets are with different sizes, and some big ones should be crushed into small ones. Roll type feed pellet crumbler is suitable for feed pellet crushing. While the double-roll feed pellet crumbler is used for crushing poultry feed, like chicken feed, duck feed and goose feed, etc.


◆Screening & Grading Process
The crushed feed pellets are with different sizes, and some may be powder. The vibration classification screen can be used to screen and grade the feed pellets.


◆Packing Process
The feed pellets should be packed for transporting, storing or selling. Automatic weighing and packing machine can weigh and pack the pellets automatically with high accuracy.


◆Automatic PLC Control System
With the automatic PLC control system, the production line has high flexibility and adjustable speed, with lower manpower requirements, less time cost, and better monitoring of the production process.


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