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We adopt the most advanced Italy technology, and the equipment can be customized.Drum chipper can cut the logs, small diameter wood, etc. into high-quality industrial wood chips with uniform length, flat cut and uniform thickness.


Provide Customized Production According To Customers’ Demand.Drum chipper is the special equipment for producing high-quality wood used in paper mills, particle board plant, fiber plant wood production and export base.


Drum chipper can be used to cut logs, wood branches, slab, waste veneer, bamboo, cotton stalks and other non-wood fiber stalks into a certain specification sheet material, using as the basic raw materials of particleboard, fiberboard, etc.

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Pellet Making Machine Technical Advantage

Insist on technical innovation to meet market requirement of current scale, energy saving and environmental protection

  • 1 Advantage

    It’s with advanced structure, high quality cutting sheet materials, wide adaptability of raw materials, easy operation and maintenance.

  • 2 Structure

    The drum chipper is composed of engine base, blade roll, the upper and lower feed rollers, conveyor belts, hydraulic systems and other components.

  • 3Engine Base

    Engine base is welded by high strength steel plate, as foundation of the whole machine; blade roll is installed on two fly-cutters;

  • 4Feed Roller

    Based on different thicknesses of cutting materials, the upper feed roller assembly can float within a certain range by a hydraulic system;

  • 5 Sheet Stocks

    After cutting, the qualified sheet stocks fall from the mesh sieve and discharged from bottom, the lager will be cut again.

  • 6 Hydraulic system

    Hydraulic system uses hand oil pump supplies oil to the cylinder, you can start the housing for easy replacement blades.

Parameter Specification

Both of process design and late return, Yuxi Pellet Making Machine is your best choice!

Model YX-215 YX-216 YX-218 YX-2113
Inlet Size (mm) 160*400 230*500 300*680 450*700
Fly-Cutter Number 2 2 2 2
Knife-Cylinder Speed 592 590 650 500
Raw Material Size (mm) 160 230 300 450
Wood Chips Size (mm) 30 30 30 38
Capacity (T) 3-4 7-8 12-15 15-30
Main Motor Power (kw) 45 55 110 200-250
Feeding Roll Motor Power (kw) 2.2-3 3-4 4-5 7.5*2
Oil Pump Motor Power (kw) 1.5*1 1.5*1 1.5*1 3*1
Weight (kg) 2990 4070 7000 11840
Dimension (mm) 1470*1550*970 1800*1900*1210 2200*2150*1500 3670*2517*2050
Conveyor Motor Power (kw) 3 3 3 3

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