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1-2t/h Wood Pellet Plant

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1-2t/h Wood Pellet Plant

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Major Equipment In 1-2t/h Wood Pellet Plant

Major equipment in 1-2t/h wood pellet prodution line includes: wood crusher/disk chipper, drum dryer, wood pellet machine, counterflow cooler, conveyor, hoisting machine, dust collector, packing machine and electric cabinet.


Wood Pellet Plant Advantages

● Low energy consumption;
● Low maintenance cost;
● Reliable & continuous operation;
● Be able to process different kinds of wood materials, such as sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, twigs, etc.

Wood Pellet Plant Process Flow

Generally speaking, process of 1-2t/h wood pellet plant can be divided into crushing system, drying system, pelletizing system, cooling and screening system, packaging system and electrical cabinet system. The details of each process are listed in the following.

❶ Crushing System
Equipment needed: Drum/Disk Chipper, Branch/Small/Wood Crusher, High-Effciency Grinder
Crush your raw materials into appropriate small pieces with crushing equipment, which is quite necessary especially when the raw material is log. Generally, the final crushed size should be 3-6mm required by most wood pellet mills.


❷ Drying System
Equipment needed: Drum Dryer
The crushed materials needed to be dried to appropriate moisture content during this process. The drying process is one of the most important parts if you want to make premium wood fule pellets. As high moisture could cause easy split pellets and low moisture could result in pelletizing difficulty problem, in most wood pellet producion line, moisture content with 12-16% is the most suitable.


❸ Pelleting System
Equipment needed: Wood Pellet Machine ( ring die type pellet making machine)
Pelletizing is the key process in wood pellet plant. The ring die wood pellet mill is designed with different compression ratio. Ring die with multiple compression ratios allow the pellet mill to be able to process various kinds of wood materials.


❹ Cooling and Screening System
Cooling system is capable of cooling down the final pellets. Sifting system is used for remove the powder in the pellets.


❺ Packing System
Packing is the last one process of pellet producion line. Both of bulk bag and small bag are available. Bulk bag is 1Ton/Bag, while the small bag is about 15-30kg/Bag.


Complete wood pellet plant or pellet line is technically designed for the users who need a large scale and automatic pellets plant for commercial and industrial purposes. Feel free to send us an inquiry to get detailed information about Yuxi pellet plant.

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